By Samantha Bufmack, UCA Marketing Intern

Amanda Sciarabba

What if there was a way that music could cure the mind? Wouldn’t you be a tad skeptical? Well, prepare to be convinced as you step into the world of a student who believes music can do just that.

Meet graduating senior Amanda Sciarabba, an individual who has dedicated her love of song to helping others. She has just earned a Bachelors of Music with a concentration in music therapy, touching the lives of many as she pursued her degree. While this is not a psychology degree, it is becoming a main topic within the therapy world. It is the application of music for rehabilitation of brain function, along with the development and maintenance of mental and physical health. However, there is a lot more to it than the dictionary definition.

Sciarabba stated, “I have had the opportunity to work with real people and see real progress and change in my clients and that was amazing! I knew from reading research that music therapy worked, but seeing it live in action was remarkable.”

As Scirabba works towards achieving her dream career, Colorado State University has been behind her every step of the way. While the university has created a curriculum that enables students to conduct research and fulfill passion, it has also enhanced the degree earning journey from start to finish.

However, it is not just professors that are generating breakthroughs with research, but also students. Sciarabba specifically is working on two studies with the intentions of advancing alternative therapy. One of the studies solely focuses on measuring whether music makes a difference in stress when practicing mindfulness , while the other aims to collect the perceptions of caregivers of children who have developmental disabilities. Although these studies are academically inclined, they have significantly impacted the desire she has for this career field.

While her journey with CSU’s music therapy program is finishing now, it is just the beginning to a rewarding career. After she celebrates in the graduation ceremonies, Sciarabba will be staring an intern position at the Foundation Music School. After her internship, she hopes to continue her education and doing research.

All in all, music therapy  of what  mindful therapy is and how many individuals are pursuing it. As Sciarabba has demonstrated within her time at CSU, the music therapy program is creating an innovative practice that aims to benefit everyone. Congratulations to Amanda for her graduation this week!