Make friendships that last a lifetime.

The Arts and Creative Expression Residential Learning Community (or ACE) is a community in Parmalee Hall dedicated to first-year students in the visual and performing arts.

Here, you will find a close-knit cohort of like-minded students and a place to call home. Alongside new friends, you will get to explore the breadth of opportunities offered by residing on CSU’s campus. Through a shared living experience, daily interactions, and fun, immersive programming, you’ll connect with other creatives who are ready to celebrate your successes and support you through struggles. The ACE Community will help you develop your unique artistic practice and transition into college life.

Get on track for graduation.

Our learning community supports steady progress towards graduation. More than 50% of ACE students accumulated 30 credits by the end of their first year, a critical marker for graduating on time. Our community also helps students easily bridge their first and second year in college. Almost 90% of students involved in ACE continued at CSU for their sophomore year. ACE also supports ongoing academic achievement, as community members have an average 3.2 GPA.

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Interested in joining our community?

The ACE Program is open to first year students who are majoring in Art, Art History, and Art Education.  To apply, log it at and select “Arts and Creative Expressions Learning Community” as a Learning Community preference.